How We Treat You - Tompkins Wellness Center

How We Treat You

We feel your pain on every level. Whether it shows up as emotional, structural or social, we’ve been there, we understand and are reaching out our hands and heart to help.

Too many Doctors don’t take the time to listen and to get the whole story. They miss out on key pieces in solving your health puzzle. After all, you are a whole person and every part of you plays into your health picture. We understand the value of listening and pausing for you. You are more than a chart, a record, a number. That’s why we get your history, order labs, suggest life coaching and/or emotional release therapy and suggest dietary and lifestyle changes along with recommended supplements. It’s not just up to us to get you well, it’s also up to you.

Together, we will make a plan to get you where you want to be.

The plan will include our treatment intervention, lifestyle changes necessary and nutritional supplements. It will also include the time and money investment needed. You will be “in the know” from the get-go! No stressful surprises.