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What to Expect on Your First Visit

The doctor will conduct a baseline urinalysis to get an idea of you’re internal chemistry. He will then perform a thorough health history and review of your body’s systems. He will ask questions about sleep habits, digestion, elimination, mood, and more. This is where our doctors shine—in connecting with you, getting to know your personal health story and establishing trust in highly skilled clinical expertise.

Following, depending on your primary health goals, the doctor will likely perform a detailed and thorough chiropractic adjustment, usually followed by acupuncture. In addition, he may perform an emotional release or a nutritional test. You are certain to leave with the feeling that you have finally met a doctor who takes your care very seriously and wants to get you well just as much as you want to get well!
Please print and complete the New Patient Forms and bring them to your first visit.

Future Visits

Our doctors will not leave you out on a limb. They will go over findings from the initial exam and tell you exactly what they found and suggest approaches to your health concerns. They will not push you into any treatment you’re not comfortable with or ready for. Everyone is unique in their health picture so there is no one-size fits all treatment plan.

At each visit, we invite you to make yourself at home. Please take full advantage of your appointment and make it “your time.” Turn off your cell phone, detox from our over-digitized world, clear your mind, hydrate with purified water and shop our health goods store.

Payment Options

We do NOT bill insurance. We ARE insurance! The cost of our acupuncture or chiropractic adjustments are about the cost of your major medical copay. We would rather spend our time with YOU, listening to your concerns and getting you well than chasing money from insurance companies. We offer affordable treatment plans that fit your budget.

Payment Types Accepted

Cash, Check or Credit Card