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Pain and inflammation
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Caffeine overload

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Always caring for everyone else
Never finding time for yourself
Constantly juggling tasks and activities

We feel your pain. We’ve been there, we understand and empathize with you. Let’s get you feeling better.

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Hormone Imbalance

Postpartum Depression/Anxiety/Psychosis


Behavioral Health: ADD/ADHD/autism

Allergies and Asthma

Digestive Health

Sleep Disorders

Depression and Anxiety

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Patient's Stories of Healing

VERY KIND, COMPASSIONATE, KNOWLEDGEABLE DR and STAFF! I first came to Dr Tompkins a year ago for help with extreme mold sensitivity/toxicity. I was also highly sensitive to many foods and environmental triggers. I had daily headaches that bordered on migraines, frequent nausea, and so many sensitivities that my world was getting very small, and fear of reacting to ``something`` was a daily nightmare. Dr Tompkins has patiently and kindly guided me through NAET treatments for both the physical and emotional components of my sensitivities. My world has opened up again, because I no longer need to worry about what I eat or the environment around me. I'm not afraid to do things, go places, or eat foods that used to give me severe physical reactions. THANK YOU, Dr Tompkins, for restoring my health and giving me the opportunity to enjoy normal life again!

Jennifer Bartells

We really enjoy going to Tompkins Wellness Center. The staff is friendly and helpful. We are doing the Shape Reclaimed and have lost 10 pounds in just over a week. We highly recommend them.

Joyce Barrett

Great folks. Took good care of me to make sure I was healthy.

Kevin Jackson

We brought our daughter to Dr Tompkins for uncontrolled itching with no evident cause. She had been treated with several rounds of steroids through her pediatrician’s office and in addition to those doing nothing to solve the problem, we were concerned about continuing to pump that substance into her body. Dr Tompkins approached the problem from a nutritional angle, and he began the NAET course of treatment. Her episodes of itching have decreased in both number and severity since beginning treatment with Dr Tompkins by about 90%. We are so thankful. We love the wonderful, friendly, professional staff, and visiting his homey, comfortable office.

Emily Joy

Your Home for Health: Where Patients are Treated like Family.

Meet Dr. Wayne

Dr. Wayne is a husband, father, teacher and lifetime student. He is humbled by the human body and takes your care very seriously.


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